The School

Mother India Global School is envisioned as a leading day-cum-residential school, professionally managed, in order to cater to the needs of the 21st century education system. At our school, we promote a cumulative learning environment that helps in the development of the students’ cognitive skills along with their inter-personal skills as well as analytical skills.

Backed by the substantial experience of the Mother India Public School, at Mother India Global School our curriculum is comprehensive, and goes beyond the core academics in order to facilitate development of concepts and ideas within the young creative minds. At Mother India Global School, we strive to nurture our students in a milieu that prepares them to become global citizens, who are both, environmentally as well as socially conscious and thus have the capability to perform exceedingly well in any given environment.

In order to stimulate all round development of our students, we emphasize on state-of-the-art facilities, including air-conditioned classrooms, equipped with projectors, high-speed internet enabled computers, biometric attendance system amongst other facilities. We also offer world-class facilities in the field athletics, basketball, lawn tennis, volleyball, swimming, skating, archery, badminton, football along with indoor games to ensure co-curricular development of the students. Beyond and above the regular educational programs, we also avail our students with special classes in Vedic mathematics, robotics, art and craft along with that in foreign languages including French and German. Our boarding facilities include, separate hostels for girls and boys, with top-notch amenities for a comfortable and rewarding stay.

Some of our additional facilities include but aren’t confined to