• All students are expected to maintain decorum of the school.
  • Carrying mobile phones, camera, or any other gadget in school campus is strictly prohibited, if any student is found carrying it, a heavy penalty will be imposed and disciplinary action will be taken against that student.
  • Misbehaving with teachers or other staff members, damaging school property, doing any physical harassment to anyone in the school or transport will be taken seriously and may lead to expulsion of the child from the school.
  • Smoking beetle chewing and consuming drugs are strictly prohibited. Anyone found will be expelled from school.
  • Only parents/legal guardians will be allowed to represent the child. School authorities will not meet any other person than these.
  • Any misbehavior of parents/legal guardians towards school staff may lead to expulsion of child from school.
  • Students are not allowed to use any car/bike to come to school. Only bicycles are allowed. If anyone found using car/bike will be heavily fined.