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  • Admission in any class (except kindergarten) is strictly based on entrance test.
  • It is compulsory for all the students to appear in all unit test/half yearly/final exams. Missing any of the tests/exams will directly affect the final result of the child.
  • Student will be promoted to next class only if he/she clears final examinations.
  • There will be fresh admission procedure for senior secondary section. Students cannot claim admission as a right. Admission will be granted on the basis of past performances and behavior.
  • Any student whose attendance is below 75% till December (for classes IX to XII) will not be allowed to appear for final examinations. To appear in examinations, parents will have to seek special permission from CBSE.


  • Withdrawal of any student can be done only after fulfilling under given conditions
  • One month notice should be given.
  • Admission withdrawal form should be duly filled and submitted to school office on time.
  • All the outstanding dues should be cleared.